In order to reach the project’s objectives, MYNNOVA 5 partners have set out to work on the following activities:

  • Develop Euromentor platform in English, as well as in all five partner languages. The platform provides a flexible and freely accessible opportunity for quality mentoring support by specially trained youth workers, other entrepreneurs, and experienced professionals, happy to share their time and knowledge. You can find all languages above in the bar, or click on the flags below:   
  • Establish social media for MYNNOVA project and the Euromentor platform. The partnership has already established social media accounts in and . The partnership is considering also into other social media channels, which will be suitable for reaching young social entrepreneurs and will keep you updated on any new established means of communication.
  • Participate with presentations in external for the project events. All partners find appropriate events – national and international – to participate in, promoting the Euromentor platform and reaching young social entrepreneurs who would benefit from its services. For news of participation and future events, check out our News & Events
  • Conduct focus groups with stakeholders. Partners have contacted young people from all partner countries for feedback on two different topics: the competences of mentors and mentees (the results can be seen in the Competences framework), and the structure and functionalities of the Euromentor platform.
  • Organise Joint Staff Training. The training involved 5 youth workers from the partner organisations, trained to provide online mentoring using the Euromentor platform. The main motivation for the Joint Staff Training was ensuring a harmonised preparedness of the partners’ staff members. In addition, the training ensured that youth workers in social entrepreneurship trainings and international non-formal learning formats develop mentoring and coaching skills, and vice versa, the youth workers capable of mentoring upgrade this skill in the context of social innovations and entrepreneurship.
  • Pilot mentoring to social innovators and training of mentors to deliver online mentoring. These activities, connected to the Euromentor platform, are designed to improve the functionalities and the user experience of the platform, as well as to launch the mentoring process with the first platform mentors. You can join the mentoring process too – either as a mentor or mentee!
  • Put forward policy guidelines for policy-makers and other stakeholders in enhancing social innovations. Policy guidelines will offer a new set of evidence base for the ongoing discussion on enhancing the environment for social innovations in Europe in light of addressing societal challenges. The guidelines will reflect the lessons learnt from the pilot mentoring sessions; training of youth workers and young entrepreneurs for mentors; the continuous communication during the project with the target groups and other key stakeholders. When they are ready, the policy guidelines will be accessible as a project outcome.
  • Conduct an international conference. The conference will take place in Bucharest, Romania, in September 2018. The conference will be a one-day event with a highlight put on how online mentoring services enhance the eco-system of social innovations on a national and European level, and will also showcase the project, the Euromentor platform, as well as the other results from the project implementation.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus + programme under Grant Agreement No 2016-2-RO01-KA205-024839.
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